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Civacon Brand
Civacon specializes in products for petroleum, chemical and dry bulk cargo tanks that help safeguard against spills, overfills, and fugitive emissions: access ports, manholes, weld rings, hatches, fill covers, swing check valves, pressure vacuum hatches, pressure relief valves, vapor valves, bottom loading equipment, delivery elbows, overfill detection devices, and vapor recovery adaptors.


Product Solutions



Our ROMLink™ “Plug-N-Load™” wiring system eliminates the slow, messy, and at times unreliable cut, strip and crimp method of wiring.

air controls


CivaControl™ Air Systems bring together the control of Compartment Vents, Vapor Recovery Valves, Internal Valves, Overfill Protection and Vehicle Drive Away systems.

opti link sockets

Opti-Link Socket

The Opti-Link socket is API-compatible, allowing it to interface with any optic control monitor plugs.


ROMLink™ Body Harness

The ROMLink™ “PlugN-Load™” body harness is available for multi-compartment trailers.
Harness extensions are also available for many trailer options.