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KnappcoKnappco specializes in products for petroleum, chemical and dry bulk cargo tanks that help safeguard against spills, overfills, and fugitive emissions: access ports, manholes, weld rings, hatches, fill covers, swing check valves, pressure vacuum hatches, pressure relief valves, vapor valves, bottom loading equipment, delivery elbows, overfill detection devices, and vapor recovery adaptors.


Product Solutions


LA Non-Pressure Fill Cover

The LA Non-Pressure Fill Cover is ideal inspection port for screw/air-operated conveying system. Its locking hatch, easy-opening cover is designed to be durable while maintaining a  lightweight construction.


MZ 20” Pressurized Manhole Cover

Full opening pressure manhole for cargo tank/industrial – up to 25 PSI.

KF 16” Non-Pressure Manhole Cover

The KF Non-Pressure Manhole is designed for use on cargo tank, industrial, and storage tanks.
Durable construction, with a design that keeps easy removal and maintenance in mind.