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Civacon / Knappco / Sure Seal specializes in products and systems to safely load, monitor and unload petroleum, dry bulk and petro chemical cargo tanks, for the road and rail industries. We are a global leader in providing Bottom Loading, Vapor Recovery and Overfill Detection Systems for the petroleum industry. A world class provider of Pressure Discharge and Vacuum Loading Systems for Rail & Road Dry Bulk. As well as, Pressure/Vacuum Relief and Safety Access/Inspection equipment for the Agriculture and Industrial Storage Tank Industry.  Whether your need is at the terminal loading rack, or outfitting a fleet of tankers or rail cars, our systems set the standard for real-world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. If the safe, profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry-bulk commodities is your concern, trust Civacon.

Civacon Maintenance Videos


Demonstration videos cover equipment care and maintenance, as well as the installation of replacement parts. See additional videos on the Resources page